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Insights and Analytics

Insights; as part of planning a campaign, we take the time to understand the success criteria. We craft a data set with you to ensure we reach the people that are important to you. Often this is through understanding some key attributes of your existing customers and matching those similarities to those living within the geographical areas you wish to target. What is your message and what will the value exchange be?

Post campaign we apply Performance Analytics to measure the impact. Some of that data, till receipts, registrations, downloads, sign-ups, voucher redemptions provided by you will help us produce a return of investment report. To see live, real time engagement results we produce unique QR codes per mailer to track and trace.

QR reports and tracking

Many will say that the humble, much-lamented QR code was the biggest winner during the pandemic as its usage has become commonplace. We have always loved this sophisticated piece of technology, especially when created as a unique, trackable code. Now we have seen a behavioural switch and their use has become ubiquitous, they have become a key component of bridging the physical with the digital.

Print and Printed Mail has always enjoyed a highest rate of engagement and redemption, now it has a digital component so that it can be tracked and monitored, it has become a hugely powerful tool for customer acquisition. 


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Our work

At Precision we take great pride in every job we fulfil whether it is for 1 item or 1 million.

Our clients range from SMEs to multinational organisations that entrust us with reaching out to either their existing customer base or to help find new customers who want to engage with their brand. This is why Precision places data at the heart of everything we do. Data ensures that we guide our client’s with rationale and provide clear audit trails of fulfilment.

If you’re looking for a new way to communicate to your customers, better manage existing existing channels or with help to find your next customer then Precision can be your perfect partner.

Click here or on the link below to see more of what Precision is already doing and find out how we could help you.


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Case studies

We love to shout about how we help our customers across multiple industries, in fact our client services team thrive on being given a challenge.

Through sharing our case studies we highlight how Precision has found solutions for small and large clients with daily and one-off campaigns.

So if you’re interested in hearing about how Precision is trusted by Octopus Energy to send out their daily letter communications or how we’ve helped hungry Subway fans receive targeted vouchers then click the link below to find out more.


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Latest industry insights

Staying ahead in a rapidly changing world can be tricky, that’s why Precision works alongside its clients on their most critical business challenges to provide the results they need.

With data our rationale, we couple technological innovation and sustainability to Precision’s approach to ensure we provide our client’s with the results they need.

Sustainability remains our foundation so that we ensure our processes minimise environmental impact which includes a recent partnership with Ecolgi.

Visit our latest insights page to see how we have found bespoke technology driven solutions for client challenges in a sustainable way.


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Connected experiences

If you’re looking for tracking and insights on your next campaign then look no further than Precision.

With our tracked QR technology, Precision has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital with:

  • Bespoke campaign website links
  • Making mail work harder through driving digital footfall
  • Real time scan tracking from the recipients
  • Re-engagement follow up campaigns


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We are a carbon neutral business.

Becoming a carbon neutral company is something we have been striving towards for many years - for our customers, for our employees and for the planet. Since the beginning of 2020 we have officially been operating a carbon neutral business model.



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